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Our compressed earth blocks are structural blocks, easy to lay and are moisture sealed with latex paints and Lime/Portland cement plasters. Use of AECT compressed earth block provides opportunities for many different plaster and paint finishing coats with a large variety of textures and types of materials.

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Compressed Stabilised Earth Block. The first attempts for compressed earth blocks were tried in the early days of the 19th century in Europe. The architect François Cointereaux precast small blocks of rammed earth and he used hand rammers to compress the …

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Compressed Earth Block Village Materials & Costs This page is the open source and free-shared Compressed Earth Block Village construction materials costs page. It will constantly update with increasingly more accurate information as we open source project-launch blueprint the complete One Community Compressed Earth Block Village .

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I dare say this is my favorite building technique, compressed earth blocks. Second best would be adobe blocks. I like it because it's also very cheap, but I can do it even if I don't have the machine. A great technique to increase the speed is one I found at Adobe Building Systems.

Compressed Earth Blocks Natural building material

Compressed earth block (earth, silt, sand), usually present in the natural form. Earth lime block (earth, silt, sand) with the addition of 5% lime. Water-proof block with very low CO2 load. About half the CO2 that is released during the production of the lime is eventually re-absorbed by the lime in the compressed earth block.

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Earth Block International is one of the premier builders, trainers and consultancies of the compressed earth block industry. Jim Hallock has been building with and promoting compressed earth blocks around the world for over twenty years. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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To put simply, a compressed block home is a house which is built from compressed earth blocks. These blocks are made from soil and contain about 15-percent clay, …

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Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) basics. Compressed earth bricks are building blocks formed from stabilized or un-stabilized compressed earth. The compression ranges from several hundred pounds total, to several tons. Because of the great gains in durability un-stabilized bricks are only used where nothing is available to stabilize the bricks.


Compressed earth block technology, which is anchored in an initial concern to provide a new, economically and socially relevant response to housing production for the very poor, has continued to focus on this concern as its area of application has developed.

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Compressed Earth Block Questions and Answers. For those interested in learning more about compressed earth blocks (CEBs) this is an excellent informational site of Instituto Tierra y Cal, a non-profit organization that envisions a global resurgence of healthful and sustainable rural communities.. Below is a summary and frequently asked questions.

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Dwell Earth utilizes compressed earth blocks (CEB) to convert soil into building bricks - creating durable and sustainable structures out of local natural resources. We deliver innovative building solutions with advanced compressed earth block technologies to help transform lives and communities throughout the world.

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In recent years, compressed earth block has become a popular construction material due to its sustainability, low cost, local availability, and aesthetics. When CEB buildings are designed and constructed based on structural design principles and industry knowledge, they are a great option for simple, single-storey structures.

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Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) are natural masonry blocks produced hydraulically using an Earth Block press. A wide range of soils can be used for the production of these blocks with the key ingredients being clay and sand. These blocks are laid in standard masonry fashion and can be laid in mortar, a clay slurry, or dry stacked. - Building Info.

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Compressed Earth Blocks The soil, raw or stabilized, is slightly moistened, poured into a steel press (with or without stabilizer) and then compressed either with a manual or motorized press. It is a development from traditional rammed earth.

Training – Earth Block International

Training. Earth Block International has held numerous hands-on training courses for participants from around the world. Our classes cover the fundamentals of building with compressed earth blocks as well as giving students hands-on experience.

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The Compressed Earth Block Village (Pod 4) will demonstrate a new level of artistic and functional creation for the eco-construction world. Built from compressed earth bricks/blocks, this village will demonstrate the durability, affordability, and creative potential that is possible with this ultra ...

Compressed Earth Blocks: Why and How, Here and There

May 07, 2015· In this presentation, Jim Hallock explains why compressed earth blocks are the most environmentally sound building material that also happens to be very healthy for humans too. He uses real world ...

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Compressed Earth Block: Often called CEB's or pressed adobes, compressed earth blocks are construction blocks composed of clay, sand, and sometimes a stabilizing ingredient (such as lime or Portland cement).

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Earth blocks are sometimes called Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEBs). Although clay is essential in earth block construction, blocks that contain too much clay may crack. In many parts of the world, builders use Portland cement to stabilize the clay. At Loreto Bay, Hallock used freshly-mined lime as a stabilizer.

The EARTHinBLOCK Machine

A portable Compressed Earth Block machine. The EARTHinBLOCKS ® (EIB) machine has been designed by experienced engineers to be used in your backyard as well as remote areas around the world. It is a portable workstation which can be operated by one person or a crew.

Compressed Earth Block Building Code -

Compressed earth block may be cured prior to use or laid directly from the press into the wall in an uncured state. E. Foundations. Compressed earth blocks may not be used for foundations or basement walls. F. Footings. All compressed earth block walls shall have a …

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Compressed earth block – A Compressed Earth Block (CEB) is usually stabilized, making it a Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB).Sometimes a Stabilized Earth Block (SEB) is not compressed, although it usually is. Three articles, for CEB, CSEB and SEB, would have huge overlap. The proposal is to move to a more general title prior to expanding the article.

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The advantages of compressed or rammed earth blocks are many. Since the blocks are machine made they are uniform in size and, with some care, uniform in density. It is common practice to drystack (mortarless) 12" or thicker walls immediately upon ejection from the machine since the blocks are smooth and sharp cornered.

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More Info on Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) Posted on November 2, 2012 by Owen Geiger November 2, 2012. Compressed earth blocks (CEBs) come in dozens of shapes. We continue to get quite a few inquires about compressed earth blocks / soil-cement blocks.

Compressed Earth Block Machinery For The World

Sustainable Home Solutions for the World! In todays world of rising energy, labor and construction costs the Compressed Earth Block Machine provides a superior alternative for the environmentally considerate builder in all economic arenas.

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The most advanced, reliable compressed earth block machines in the world. Compressed Earth Block Construction. Veteran Owned - Made in the USA

Earthen Construction: Building with Compressed Earth Blocks

For Dan Powell of Earth Tek Inc., a CEB-machine manufacturer in New Mexico, sustainability is the number one benefit of compressed earth blocks. “They [earth homes] are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter,” Powell says.

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Although earth is the oldest building material, stabilized compressed earth block (SCEB) is part of the new wave of environmentally “green” building. CEB reduces the energy required and the pollution produced in the creation of bricks and cement blocks.

How to Build a Compressed Earth Block Home

How to Build a Compressed Earth Block Home. contributor: Rob Goodier . Building with compressed-earth blocks makes sense, and not just because most of the construction materials are right under our feet. Earthen walls regulate temperatures, dampen sound, repel mold and, with the right build, they can resist earthquakes, fires and other disasters.

Earthbrick Construction: C.E.B. or Compressed Earth Blocks ...

Some materials are from the 1930s and 40s, including photos of a compressed earth block ram and its operation to make soil blocks. Information describes soil testing, mixing, additives, curing, plus adobe construction codes, and building with soil blocks.

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